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Why This One Point in Time?

These names of old Shamokin flash before me in rapid-fire order-those about my age-John L. Evert, Galen R. Hanleny, John S. Sausser, Ford S. Fowler, Gilbert H. Cobb, Monroe H. Kulp, William Brill, the Heims and the Goodwills. Then those [of] more advanced years-John Mullen, W.W. Evert, Matthias Emes, William H. Douty, George O. Martz, ‘Al’ Weaver, Thomas Alderson, Captain Harry Reese.
–William M. Brock, August 21, 1914

Welcome to One Point in Time, the online home of just that–an ongoing chronicle of a project to rediscover and preserve the history of a single time, place and family.

MHK_1899 Congressional bio

Congressman Monroe H. Kulp

Since 2007, I have been collecting information on the Kulp family of the coal region town of Shamokin, Pennsylvania, primarily with regard to the family’s most well-known figure, Monroe H. Kulp, and his wife, Dauphin County native Sarah W. McConnell Detweiler. Kulp, whom many contemporaries as well as recent authors described as a charismatic personality both locally and around the state, became successful as a local lumber dealer, entrepreneur and U.S. legislator around the turn of the last century. His wife, though far less remembered in modern times, was significant both as a businesswoman and, as she was often described, a charitable and gracious member of her community. The business enterprises of this couple considerably influenced the town of Shamokin as it was both then and now, and their lives are a unique and memorable chapter of the town’s past.

Close relatives and acquaintances, as well, played important roles in the history of the family, such as William C. McConnell, Sarah’s brother, a prominent local businessman and State Senator; Millard Nagle, an elusive character native to Pottsville whose life story is little known, but who is an interesting link in the Kulp story; and various other families including the Shumans of Shamokin and Detweilers of Harrisburg.

Oaklawn, in Edgewood (Coal Township), built c. 1900 by M.H. Kulp

Oaklawn, in Edgewood (Coal Township), built c. 1900 by M.H. Kulp

Though I am not a relation, my goal is to recover and record as much of the truth of the lives and times of these influential personalities as possible, before it is wholly forgotten. I seek names, dates and genealogical data, but I also seek to recapture the spirit of their era, and of the hometown whose future they shaped. Most importantly, I seek insight into who they were, who they became, what they did and why. Separated from ours by nearly a century, their lives are relevant even today, because they are a part of our town’s history and character, because they may have been your ancestors, or relatives of your ancestors, and because any life story is a timeless one, significant regardless of years.

I am currently engaged in writing a biography of Monroe and Sarah Kulp and their families. Any information, however seemingly inconsequential or distantly connected, is always appreciated. Please contact me if you have documents, photos, stories or data to share, or if you have any questions about this project. Feel free to browse the site and follow my research updates on the home page, and thank you for visiting.

I also keep a full collection online of my research-specific photos and documents, containing information primarily on the Kulp, McConnell and Detweiler families. The collection is private, but you are welcome to email me if you are interested in viewing the collection.

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