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On this page you will find links to sites connected with my research, such as records transcriptions; also general genealogy sites, and a few research/genealogy weblogs I read.


Helpful sites for genealogy and historical research, mostly with an emphasis on Pennsylvania, but some general sources as well

  • Northumberland County USGenWeb
    Part of the USGenWeb project, this site includes links to helpful area sources for genealogy and historical research.
  • USGenWeb Northumberland County Archives
    Companion site for Northumberland County USGenWeb; you will find more actual records and transcriptions here.
    Genealogy message boards and resources
  • Rootsweb Town Search 1.0
    This handy search engine, a must-have link on any researcher’s toolbar, will tell you the county of any town in the U.S., and the state if not known.
  • Dalado Photography
    A Shamokin area photo gallery. Includes a collection of some old Thomas Photography photos, interesting scenes of old Shamokin.
  • State Library of Pennsylvania
    The library is an invaluable resource for historical and genealogical research in Pennsylvania, and many of their materials, including newspapers on microfilm, are available for Inter-Library Loan. See also the PILOT catalog below.
    The online card catalog for the Pennsylvania State Library. Search by a variety of search terms, and if you’re looking for a newspaper, search for the city/town name in the Call Number search for best results
    The search engine for LANDEX, an online PA land records database. It has land records, some dating from as early as the 1920s, for numerous Pennsylvania counties. A few other legal documents, such as wills (not many of those, from the impression I get, but some) and mortgages, are also included. There is a small fee charged to view scans of the original document, but you can get basic information such as municipality of the property, book and page number of the document, who was grantee and who was grantor, just from the index. Click on the instrument number to view the most information.
  • Shamokin PA Photos
    This site was created by a relative of a friend of mine, and includes many wonderful old photos of Shamokin and some surrounding areas. The focus of the website is on the 1950s, but some earlier and later photos can be found there as well.

Research Specific

A few webpages connected with my research

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