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Although I am not a relation of the families I’m researching, I do work on their genealogy from time to time. The family tree database, where you’ll find most of my genealogical and some additional data, is located at GenCircles. My member profile at that site will link to the family tree database. If you have any questions or information to share, please feel free to contact me at historicallyinclined at yahoo dot com.

Note: Different types of genealogy software can be incompatible with online hosting services such as GenCircles. Therefore, you may see errors in formatting or the like in this tree which resulted from the transfer of the file to the Internet, but rest assured that to my knowledge all dates and other specific data are as correct as can be verified. Source citations are frequently marked with “Quality” levels denoting how likely the truth of the source is believed to be:

1=Marginal Evidence
2=Probable Conclusion
3=Almost Certain Conclusion
4=Convincing Evidence

Some “Brick Walls”

If you have any information on these individuals or families, please let me know!

  • George Washington McCONNELL: May have been known as Washington McConnell. Born about 1828, died probably around 1863/64. Married Sarah Marsh, children William Calder (1860-1949) and Sarah Washington (1862-1931), both born in Halifax, Dauphin, Pennsylvania. Looking for parentage and specific dates primarily, but if you have anything else feel free to share.
  • John MARSH: Born about 1813, died 5 Nov 1877 in Halifax, Dauphin, Pennsylvania. Married Eliza, maiden name unknown. Children Sarah, Catharine (Kate), and John Carson. Looking for parentage, specific dates, and information on wife Eliza.
  • Howard KULP: Born 1870 in Shamokin, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, died 1931 in Lewistown, Mifflin, Pennsylvania. Have much info, am looking for anything on children and descendants. Married Clara J. Eisenhuth, children Earl, Eleanor(a) E., Darlington Renninger (1895-1982, married Katharine Elizabeth Kern, daughter Katherine), Leon E. (died 1965), Sarah, Marjorie/Marjory/Marguerite, Florence G. (All were probably born in the Mifflin County area.)
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