New header image, with logo

I now have a new header image–with logo! I had to go somewhere and download a whole new font, but I think it turned out pretty well. A little bit unbalanced; would have liked to have less empty space toward the left of the photo or more of it on the right, but that’s the way the image was originally, so I couldn’t do anything about it. Nevertheless, it’s quite an improvement.

We have also hit over 1,000 pageviews on the blog tonight. However, the fact is 30 or so of those views were actually me back when I first set up this blog, viewing the site while not logged in and not thinking about the impact on stats. Still, it’s a milestone, although I’m saving the jubilant post titles for when we get to about 1,030. 🙂

For another small but meaningful milestone tonight, this is my 50th post. Finally, I’m actually keeping a website and working diligently on it!


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