Red Cross again…?

This afternoon, passing the time before leaving for an appointment, I browsed through a copy of Greater Shamokin Centennial, published in 1964, the 100th anniversary of Shamokin’s incorporation as a borough. I first learned of the Red Cross connection (see posting of May 21) in this book, and today while browsing through that section, I came across a photo captioned: “Life Honorary Memberships being presented by area Red Cross.”

I’ve been through this book, cover to cover, before, but now I happened to study this particular photo more closely. Strangely, one of the men in the photo distinctly reminded me of M.H. Kulp, though the time period was much too late (I estimate 1960’s). There was no identification of the people in the photo, but I am thinking he may have been a relative. Even some of my family members say they notice a resemblance, and they don’t keep up with my research generally.

I’m still waiting for the Mount Carmel Red Cross to call back. Will have to ask about that honorary membership thing and see if I can find out the names of the people in the photo. A rather interesting development today.


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